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State : Hessen
District (Kreis) : Hersfeld-Rotenburg (until 1976 Hersfeld)
Additions: 1918 Kalkobes; 1972 Allmershausen, Asbach, Beiershausen, Eichhof, Heenes, Hohe Luft, Johannesberg, Kathus, Kohlhausen, Petersberg, Sorga

Wappen von Bad Hersfeld/Coat of arms (crest) of Bad Hersfeld
Official blazon
German Im gespaltenen Schild vorne in Blau der linksgewendete, goldgekrönte und -bewehrte, neunmal von Silber und Rot geteilte hessische Löwe, hinten in Silber ein rotes Doppel­ kreuz mit dreispitzigem Fuß.
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The arms are a combination of the lion of Hessen and the cross, which is derived from the arms of the Hersfeld abbey. The arms are known as such since 1559, when they appear in the seals of the city. Hersfeld was conquered by Count Philipp of Hessen in 1525 and the seals between 1525 and 1559 only showed the lion of Hessen. Before 1525 the city belonged to the State of Mainz.

The oldest known seal of the city, which is known since 1256, but it is probably older. The seal shows St.Wigbert as the patron saint. The smaller seals from the 14th century show the two patron saints of the Hersfeld abbey, St. Simon and St. Thaddeus. They each hold a small shield, one with the arms of Mainz, the other with the cross, the arms of the abbey. In a later seal only the shield with a cross was placed, without the saints. These seals have been used until 1525.

There exists a local verse on the arms :

Hersfeld der Stadt/ein Kreuz im Schild
Darneben steht ein Löwen wild;
In Kreuz und leid hab' Loewenmuth
Und trau auff Gott/ es wird wol gut.

Which translates freely as :

the city of Hersfeld/a cross in a shield
accompanied by a wild lion;
the cross gives lion's courage
and with faith to God/it will be good

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