Molzhaninovsky Rayon

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MOLZHANINOVSKY RAYON (Молжаниновский район)

Federal subject : Moscow
Division : Northern Administrative Okrug

Coat of arms (crest) of Molzhaninovsky Rayon

Official blazon

Щит московской формы рассечен пятичастно с широкой средней зеленой частью, в которой серебряная кувшинка с девятью лепестками и под ней золотая подкова шипами вниз. Первая и пятая части красные, вторая и четвертая - серебряные.


The arms were granted in 1998.

The green part of the shield symbolises the forests, fields and marshes in the area. The silver lily with nine petals symbolises the past eight villages in the district and one for the new village. The golden horseshoe symbolises the equestrian center "Spartacus" in the past the stable yard for the city.

The silver pales represent the two rivers flowing through the area. The red, as a symbol of courage, recalls the area's military past.

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