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Coat of arms (crest) of the 18 Light Regiment, South African Artillery, South African Army
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The 18 Light Regiment is an airborne artillery regiment of the South African Artillery and a former regimental unit within 44 Parachute Brigade. It was created for the purposes of supporting paratroopers during air assault operations.

The 18 Light Regiment coat of arms was designed by George Gravette and with the motto "Primus Inter Pares" (First Amongst Equals). This implies that all Paratroopers are brothers and are equal, but according to military tradition the Artillery is the senior corps. The 18 Light Regiment in the 44 Parachute Brigade composition therefore comes "first" before the Infantry, Engineering and other support units.

The regimental coat of arms depicts the well-known griffon of the 44 Parachute Brigade with adaptions to distinguish artillery from infantry and other members of 44 Parachute Brigade. All shoulder flashes of 44 Parachute Brigade have the same griffon; however, 18 Light Regiment has the artillery ‘lightning bolt’ which runs horizontally just above the griffon.

18 Light Regiment's emblem was proudly placed on the top left of the 44 Parachute Brigade formation ensemble. This symbolizes both the unique airborne and artillery characteristic of the regiment.

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Literature: Information supplied by Lt Giel Joubert, Member of 18 Light Regiment