40th Infantry Division Sunshine Division, USA

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History: The Division was organised in 1917 with Units from Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, and Utah. Deactivated in 1919, reactivated 1926-1968. It was again reactivated in 1974 and today overseas training and readiness of Units from California, Oregon, Hawaii, Arizona, Washington, Alaska, New Mexico, Indiana, Nebraska, Nevada, Utah, Guam, and the Northern Mariana Islands.

Coat of arms (crest) of 40th Infantry Division Sunshine Division, USA

(Shoulder Sleeve Insignia)
Coat of arms (crest) of 40th Infantry Division Sunshine Division, USA

(Distinctive Unit Insignia)

Official blazon

Shoulder Sleeve Insignia. Description: On a blue square 2 1/2 inches (6.35cm) on a side a sun in splendor in yellow, the disc 13/16 inch (2.06cm) in diameter, 12 rays within a circle 1 7/8 inches (4.76cm) in diameter. The square to be worn point up.

Distinctive Unit Insignia. Description: A gold color metal and enamel device 1 1/8 inches (2.86cm) in width overall consisting of a blue enamel triangular area surmounted by a gold semi-sunburst with six full points, at the top a gold demi-fleur-de-lis between a background of Philippine sun rays, in base a blue enamel Torii gate behind a vertical red enamel arrowhead (point up, and extending slightly in front of the sunburst), all above a circular gold scroll inscribed "Duty Honor Courage" in red enamel letters.


Shoulder Sleeve Information: The design alludes to California where the division had its origin, while the blue field alludes to the sky and the Pacific Ocean.

Distinctive Unit Insignia: The semi-sunburst was suggested by the unit's shoulder sleeve insignia and represents the Division's allocation to the State of California. The demi-fleur-de-lis symbolizes service in World War I. The outer rim of sun rays refers to the Philippine Presidential Unit Citation award. The red arrowhead alludes to the fire power of the unit and represents their assault landing at Luzon in World War II. The Torii gate, a symbol of the Far East, refers to the awarded Republic of Korea Presidential Unit Citation.

The Shoulder Sleeve Insignia was originally approved for the 40th Division on 23 November 1918. It was redesignated for the 40th Armored Division on 27 July 1954 and rescinded on 23 September 1954. The insignia was reinstated and approved for the 40th Infantry Brigade on 1 May 1968. On 21 January 1974 the insignia was redesignated for the 40th Infantry Division. The Distinctive Unit Insignia was originally approved for 40th Infantry Brigade on 13 January 1970. It was redesignated for the 40th Infantry Division on 31 January 1974.

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