46th Support Battalion, US Army

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Coat of arms (crest) of 46th Support Battalion, US Army

(Coat of Arms)
Coat of arms (crest) of 46th Support Battalion, US Army

(Distinctive Unit Insignia)

Official blazon

Shield: Or, a roundel Sable bearing an equilateral triangle Gules (Brick Red) charged with a wavy bar fesswise Vert, superimposed by a crescent of the first.
Crest: On a wreath of the colors Or and Sable, a crescent-shaped alurel wreath Proper superimposed by a Roman helmet Argent, comb and lining garnished Gules (Brick Red]
Motto: First in support.

Distinctive Unit Insignia, Description: A gold color metal and enamel device 1 1/8 inches (2.86 cm) in height overall consisting of a red equilateral triangle charged with a green wavy bar, superimposed by a gold color crescent, all in front of a black disc.


The Colours Yellow and Brick Red indicate the Transportation Corps heritage of the Battalion. The Triangle indicates the Unit's ability to be equal to any Transportation task assigned. The Black roudle symbolises continuous mobile support. The Green Wavy fess symbolises service in Italy during World War II. The Crescent refer to service in North Africa during World War II. The Roman Helmet further alludes to serive in Italy, it also refer to the Mission of preparing the soldier to meet all Challenges. The Laurel Wreath symbolises Honour and Achivement.

The arms were approved on 23 May 1991. The distinctive Unit Insignia was approved originally for the 46th Transportation Battalion on 26 January 1968, it was redesignated for the 46th Support Battalion on 23 May 1991. Literature: The Institute of Heraldry, US Army