489th Attack Squadron, US Air Force

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History: Organized as the 77 Aero Squadron (Construction) on 13 August 1917. Redesignated as 489 Aero Squadron (Construction) on 1 February 1918. Demobilized on 6 March 1919. Reconstituted and consolidated (1932) with 489 Bombardment Squadron, which was constituted and allotted to the Reserve on 31 March 1924. Disbanded on 31 May 1942. Consolidated (1958) with 489 Bombardment Squadron (Medium) which was constituted on 10 August 1942. Activated on 20 August 1942. Inactivated on 7 November 1945. Redesignated as 489 Bombardment Squadron, Light on 24 October 1947. Activated in the Reserve on 10 November 1947. Inactivated on 27 June 1949. Redesignated as 489 Bombardment Squadron, Medium on 11 August 1958. Activated on 1 October 1958. Discontinued and inactivated on 1 January 1962. Redesignated as 489 Reconnaissance Squadron on 14 June 2011. Activated on 26 August 2011. Inactivated on 1 May 2015. Redesignated as 489 Attack Squadron on 1 December 2016. Activated on 2 December 2016. During 1918, constructed Air Service bases and performed maintenance on US aircraft in France. Served as a Reserve unit from 1924 until May 1942. Trained in operation of B-25 Mitchell medium bomber from August to January 1943. From March-May 1943, flew combat missions against German lines of communications, troop and vehicle concentrations, artillery positions, strong points and airfields in Tunisia and enemy airfields and installations in Sicily. In June-July 1943, bombed German positions and installations on Sicily in preparation for the invasion of that island. In August 1943, attacked targets in mainland Italy in preparation for the invasion and from September 1943 to April 1944, attacked German lines of communications and transportation, troop and vehicle concentrations, artillery positions, strong points and airfields throughout the Italian peninsula, including the Anzio beachhead and Monte Cassino in February-March 1944. In August 1944, attacked bridges and coastal batteries in preparation for the American landing in southern France, Operation DRAGOON. From August 1944 to the end of the war in Europe, attacked enemy communications and transportation lines, troop formations, and installations in northern Italy. Served as a Reserve unit from November 1947 to June 1949. From October 1958 to January 1962, conducted training and exercises to prepare for long-range bombardment operations with atomic or conventional weapons. From August 2011-May 2015, served as the Flying Training Unit (FTU) for the tactical reconnaissance training program. Beginning in December 2016, conducted MQ-1 and MQ-9 launch and recovery training; deployed aircrews into areas of responsibility to execute takeoff, departure, arrival, and landing of air tasking order missions; delivered immediate persistent attack and reconnaissance combat operations in response to emerging base threats.

Coat of arms (crest) of the 489th Attack Squadron, US Air Force
Official blazon
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The Emblem was approved on 27 October 1959. The newest rendition approved on 27 February 2017. Literature: Image from Wikimedia Commons. Information from https://www.afhra.af.mil/