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Arms of Academy of European Medieval Martial Arts

Official blazon

Arms : Per chevron enhanced Argent and Purpure, a sword Argent hilted O
Crest : A demi-lynx guardant Or holding in the dexter paw a dagger Argent and in the sinister paw a pair of dividers Gules
Supporters : Dexter a lion Gules gorged with a collar pendent therefrom a heart and supporting a halberd Or hafted Sable, sinister a tyger Gules gorged with a collar pendent therefrom an arrow and supporting a spear Or hafted Sable, both standing on a grassy mound set with maple leaves and trillium flowers proper


The arms were officially granted on January 15, 2008.

The sword represents the medieval martial arts which the Academy is dedicated to studying.

The lynx represents one of the four attributes of the ancient fighting art outlined in the treatise Flos Duellatorum by Fiore dei Liberi (c.1410), specifically “prudentia”, meaning prudence or caution. The lynx is known for its keen eyesight, and the dividers it holds indicate the importance of precise measurements in combat. The dagger is one of the weapons used in medieval fighting.

The supporters represent two other attributes from the dei Liberi work. The lion represents “audatia”, or courage, and is shown with a heart, which also represents courage in the manuscript. The heraldic “tyger” represents “celeritas” or swiftness. It is shown with an arrow, as tigers were reputed to be able to snatch an arrow in mid-flight. The halberd and spear are other weapons used in medieval combat. The compartment contains floral symbols of Canada and Ontario. The fourth attribute from the dei Liberi work, “fortitudo”, or strength, represented by an elephant, not shown here.

The motto is the attributes named in the de Liberi treatise, and mean “Prudence, daring, swiftness, and strength.”

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