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State : Brandenburg
District (Kreis) : Uckermark (until 1994 Angermünde)
Additions : 1974 Dobberzin; 2000 Altkünkendorf; 2003 Altkünkendorf, Biesenbrow, Bölkendorf, Bruchhagen, Frauenhagen, Gellmersdorf, Görlsdorf, Greiffenberg (1928 Obergreiffenberg), Herzsprung, Kerkow, Mürow, Neukünkendorf, Schmargendorf, Schmiedeberg, Steinhöfel (1957 Neuhaus), Stolpe/Oder, Welsow, Wilmersdorf, Wolletz

Wappen von Angermünde

Official blazon



The present arms were devised in 1976, but are based on old seals of the city.

Angermünde received city rights around 1284 from the Counts of Brandenburg. From 1354-1424 it belonged to Pommern and later again to Brandenburg. This is symbolised by the eagle of Brandenburg and the helmet with peacock feathers of Pommern. The lower part symbolises the many lakes in the area. The hunter and deer are based on a legend. It is said that a large deer fled for the hunters, crossed several lakes, ran through the gate and was finally killed on the city square.

Siegel von Angermünde

The arms on a municipal stamp (1892)
Seal of Angermünde

Seal from around 1900
Wappen von Angermünde

The arms by Hupp in the Kaffee Hag albums +/- 1925

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