Archdiocese of Modena-Nonantola

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ARCHDIOCESE OF MODENA-NONANTOLA (Archidioecesis Mutinensis-Nonantulana)

Country : Italy
Denomination : Roman Catholic

Established : 4th century as Diocese of Modena
Renamed Diocese of Modena e Nonantola in 1820 after the merger with the Abbey of Nonantola
Renamed Archdiocese of Modena e Nonantola in 1855
Renamed Archdiocese of Modena-Nonantola in 1986

Arms (crest) of Archdiocese of Modena-Nonantola

Official blazon


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Arms of Bishops of Modena since 1400

Arms of Bishops of Modena e Nonantola

Arms of Archbishops of Modena e Nonantola/Modena-Nonantola

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