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ARCHDIOCESE OF MONCTON (Archidioecesis Monctonensis)

Country : Canada
Denomination : Roman Catholic

Established : 1936

Arms (crest) of Archdiocese of Moncton

Official blazon


The monogram M.A. with the star above and the crescent moon below represents the Blessed Virgin in her Assumption: Maria Assumpta; the patron of the archdiocese of Moncton. The moon serves are her pedestal, in accordance with Saint John's vision in Pathmos: "Mulier amieta sole et luna pedibus ejus" (Rev.XIl-1). The star recalls the next part of the text "et in capite ejus corona stellarum duodecim", the first verse of the liturgical hymn: "Ave Maris Stella".

The antique vessel that fills most of the of the lower half comes from the coat of arms of the province of New Brunswick, the province where the archdiocese is located.
The main masthead with its double crosses represents the metropolitan Church with its two suffragans, St. John and Chatham/Bathurst, represented by the two smaller mastheads located at the front and at the back of the vessel.
The white sail attached to the main masthead and swelled by the wind shows that it is from Rome. From the sovereign power handed over to the successors of Saint Peter and symbolized by the keys, that the new Church received its order to daringly set to sea, the "due in altum" that is at the origin of all the miraculous catches and of all the developments God wants in the Christian society. On the sides of the vessel is a row of seven oars. The number seven represents the seven sacraments, the channels of grace, with which the soul of the christian navigates without danger through the dangerous wordly sea.

The golden dove with its seven rays reminds us that the Holy Spirit watches over the Church, inspires and guides Her with his gifts.

The arms are topped with the archepiscopal cross accompanied by a mitre and staff. At the bottom, two palm branches. The crest is topped with the archepiscopal hat.

The motto Ut videntes Jesum means "As if we could see Jesus!"

Arms of Archbishops

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