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AUVERGNE (Province)

Blason de Auvergne/Arms (crest) of Auvergne
Official blazon
French D'or au gonfanon de gueules frangé de sinople.
English Or, a gonfannon gules outlined with sinople.


The gonfanon, emblem of Auvergne, supposedly originated from the banner which Eustace III carried, Count of Boulogne, at the time of the conquest of Jerusalem with his/her brother Godefroy de Bouillon. Auvergne was made a hereditary duchy by the king Jean II the Good in 1360, became joined to the Crown in 1531 and joined with France in 1610.

Arms of Auvergne

The arms in the Wapen- en Vlaggenboek van Gerrit Hesman (1708)
Blason de Auvergne

The arms in Traversier (1842)
Blason de Auvergne

The arms in the Café Sanka album +/- 1932
Blason de Auvergne

The arms on a postcard by Kroma
Blason de Auvergne

The arms on a Barré Dayez Postcard


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