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Département : Haut-Rhin

Armoiries de Biltzheim

Official blason

  • (fr) Parti: au 1er d'or à six feuilles de sinople en forme de coeur, ordonnées 3, 2 et 1 et à la bordure de gueules, au 2e d'azur à la fasce d'argent accompagnée de trois fleurs de lis d'or.


The arms were designed and adopted in 1978.

The right half shows 6 leaves in a bordure, taken from the arms of the noble Laubgassen family (the leaves are canting Laub=leaf in German). The family had large possessions in the municipality in the 14th century. The three fleur-de-lys are taken from the arms of the Klinglin family, last Lords of Blitzheim in the 18th century.

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Literature : Wilsdorf et al, 1978