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{|width="100%" style="color:black; background-color:#ffffcc;"
'''Birr''' can refer to :
|width="15%"|[[File:Switzerland.jpg|50 px|left]]
|width="70%" align="center" |'''Heraldry of the World<br/>Civic heraldry of [[Switzerland]] - [[Switzerland|Schweizer Wappen]] / [[Switzerland|Armorial de Suisse]]'''
|width="15%"|[[File:Switzerland.jpg|50 px|right]]
|}<seo title="Wappen, Gemeindewappen, Schweizer Wappen, Armorial de Suisse, Armoires, Blason" />
* [[File:birr.jpg|60 px|Arms (crest) of {{PAGENAME}}]][[Birr (Aargau)]], a municipality in the Aargau canton, Switzerland
* [[File:birrof.jpg|60 px|Arms (crest) of {{PAGENAME}}]][[Birr (Offaly)]], a municipality in the County Offaly, Ireland
[[Category:Disambiguation pages]]
Canton : [[Aargau]]
====Official blazon====
The arms are canting, showing a pear (Birne).
|align="center"|[[File:birr.hagch.jpg|center]]  <br/>The arms in the [[Kaffee Hag Wappen der Schweiz|Kaffee Hag albums]] 1914-1960
[[Literature]] : Die Gemeindewappen des Kantons Aargau
[[Category:Swiss Municipalities B]]

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Birr can refer to :