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|align="center"|[[File:burslem.jj.jpg|350 px|center|Arms (crest) of {{PAGENAME}}]] <br/>The arms as used on a [[Jaja|JaJa postcard]] +/- 1905
|align="center"|[[File:burslem.jj.jpg|350 px|center|Arms (crest) of {{PAGENAME}}]] <br/>The arms as used on a [[Jaja|JaJa postcard]] +/- 1905
|align="center"|[[File:burslem.scott.jpg|center|350 px]]  <br/>The arms on a [[UK Town arms (Scott) |Scott]] postcard  
|align="center"|[[File:burslem.scott.jpg|center|350 px|Arms of {{PAGENAME}}]]  <br/>The arms on a [[UK Town arms (Scott) |Scott]] postcard  

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Incorporated into: 1910 Stoke-on-Trent

Arms (crest) of Burslem

Official blason

Arms : Quaterly Or and Gules a Cross party and fretty counterchanged between in the first and fourth quarters a representation of a Portland Vase in the second quarter a Scythe proper and in the third quarter a Fret couped Argent.
Crest : On a Wreath of the Colours in front of a Garb Or a Fleur-de-Lys Gules all between two Branches of Laurel proper.
Motto : 'READY'.


The arms were officially granted on October 8, 1878.

Arms (crest) of Burslem

The arms as used on a JaJa postcard +/- 1905
Arms of Burslem

The arms on a Scott postcard

I have no information of these arms. Any information is welcome !

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