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DARLINGTON (Rural district council

Incorporated into : 1974 Darlington, Sedgefield

Arms (crest) of Darlington RDC

Official blazon

Arms : Gules on a Fesse Argent between in chief two Garbs Or each enfield by a Circlet of Steel proper the Circlets conjoined by a Steel Chain also proper and in base a Shorthorn Bull's Head caboshed Gold a Bar Azure charged with a Barrulet wavy also Argent.
Crest :On a Wreath of the colours a demi Lion Argent the body and tail passing through a false Escutcheon Or holding with the fore paws by the blade a representation of the Conyers Falchion point downwards proper.
Motto: 'OPTIMA PETAMUS' - Let us seek the best


The arms were officially granted on June 19, 1959.

The shield's national colours of red, white and blue are those of the arms of George Stephenson, whose Darlington to Stockton railway is highlighted by the two white lines across the middle of the shield, enclosing a blue and white wave, symbolic of another means of communication - the River Tees. The two sheaves of corn denote the farming ties within the area and their encirclement in steel joined by a steel chain is representative of local industry. The shorthorn bull's head depicts the 'Comet of Ketton' the most famous of all the Colling Brothers' bulls from which the breed developed, and also symbolises stock farming which operates within the area.

The crest shows the white lion from the arms of the Durham County Council, the body and tail passing through the golden "orle" or hollow shield, which is taken from the arms and crest of the Surtees family. The lion holds in its fore-paws the Conyers falchion or sword, recalling the local legend, which tells of the slaying of the "Sockburn Worm" by Sir John Conyers.

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