Destroyer USS Forrest Sherman (DDG-98)

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Coat of arms (crest) of the Destroyer USS Forrest Sherman (DDG-98)

Official blazon

Shield: Azure (Dark blue), two chevrons conjoined Or, each charged with four mullets of the first, surmounted by a trident throughout Proper, radiating from the middle two lightning flashes chevronwise Argent in base two palm fronds Vert superimposed by a Bronze mullet, the points guarded all of the last charged with an anchor Purpure.
Crest: Issuant from a wreath Or and Azure (Dark blue),a seal lion of the first langued Gules, charged with a cross patee of the second, holding a terrestial globe grid lined Argent, between two ocean waves, all Proper.
Motto: A scroll Azure (Dark blue) doubled Gules and edged Argent insrcibed RELENTLESS FIGHTING SPIRIT, of the last.

The Coat of Arms as blazoned in full color on a White field enclosed by a Blue oval border edged on the outside with Gold rope and bearing the name USS FORREST SHERMAN at top and DDG 98 in base all in Gold.


Blue and Gold are the colours traidtinally associated with the US Navy. The double gold chevrons denote support and protection, aslo honoring the ships named for Admiral Sherman. The eight stars symbolises the variour medals and citations awared to Admiral Sherman. The two stars on each side of the Trident symbolises the squadrons Admiral Sherman commanded during his career. The Trident represent marine domination. The Lightning Flashes symbolises the quick strik capacity of the USS Forrest Sherman with the moderna AEGIS system. The blue and white colours symbolises the Flag of the Chief of Naval Operations, Admiral Sherman was the youngest man to be appointed Chief of Naval Operations. The Palm frond symbolises actions in the Pacific during World War II. The Star with anchor symbolises the award of the Distinguished Service Medal to the Admiral. the Purple Anchor symbolises the Award of the Purple Heart when commander of the USS Wasp. The Sealion denotes Admiral Sherman's vigilance and courage. The Cross patee symbolises the award of the NavalCross for his heroism as Commanding Officer of the USS Wasp and Flag Captain of a Task Force during the occupation of Tulangi-Gudalacanal and other operations. The terrestial globe symbolsies Admiral Sherman's versatile naval career from sea to shore, holding positions in both the sea and the land-base.

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