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Denomination : [[:Category:Anglican heraldry|Anglican]]<br>
Denomination : [[:Category:Anglican heraldry|Anglican]]<br>
Established : 1841, first Bishop elected in 1844<br>
Established : 1841, first Bishop elected in 1844<br>
See City : St Louis
See city : St Louis
[[File:missouri.us.rel.png|center|Arms (crest) of {{PAGENAME}}]]
[[File:missouri.us.rel.png|center|350 px|Arms (crest) of {{PAGENAME}}]]
===Official blazon===
===Official blazon===

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Country : United States
Denomination : Anglican
Established : 1841, first Bishop elected in 1844
See city : St Louis

Arms (crest) of Diocese of Missouri

Official blazon


This Diocese has no Coat Arms only uses a Seal of a Fish with a Crozier, flanked with the Text THE DIOCESE OF MISSOURI 1841.

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