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DIOCESE OF VICTORIA IN CANADA (Dioecesis Dioecesis Victoriensis in Insula Vancouver)

Country : Canada
Denomination : Roman Catholic

Established : 1846 as Diocese of Vancouver Island
Renamed 1904 as Archdiocese of Victoria
Renamed 1908 as Diocese of Victoria in Canada

Arms (crest) of Diocese of Victoria in Canada

Official blazon


The silver cross of St. Andrew on a field of blue refers to the patron saint of the Cathedral church of the Diocese. It is surmounted by a gold antinque crown from the arms of the Province of British Columbia, where Victoria, or Victory, is situated. The wavy bordure indicates the geographical setting of the Diocese which includes Vancouver Island and the numerous small islands surrounding it. The gold mitre above the shield symbolizes the Episcopal Office.

Arms of Bishops of Vancouver Island

Arms of Bishops of Victoria in Canada

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