Diocese of York

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Country : United Kingdom
Denomination : Anglican
Established : 625 as Diocese, elevated to Archdiocese 734

Arms (crest) of Diocese of York

Official blazon

Gules, two keys in saltire argent, in chief a regal crown Or.


The arms were recorded at the College of Arms.

This Coat of Arms first appears to have been used by Archbishop Robert Waldby (1397-1398). The Crown originaly more resembled the Papal Tiara,
but was after the Break with Rome made into a Royal Crown. The Arms thus alludes to St Peter. Anciently the Archbishop used as their official Arms a Shield
identical with that of the See of Canterbury.

Arms of Archbishops

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Literature : Image from Wills's Arms of the Bishopric and Siebmacher. Symbolism of the Arms from Heraldry of the Chruch a Handbook by E.E. Dorling.