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Wapen van Eine/Arms (crest) of Eine

Country : Belgium

Province :

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Official blazon
  • (1818) Van lazuur, beladen met een bestraald kruis en omringd van een wijnrank, alles van goud.
  • (1847) D'azur, à une croix du calvaire rayonnée d'or, accompagnée de deux rinceaux de vigne de même, posés en orle, mouvant de la pointe.
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The arms were granted on August 4, 1818 and confirmed on August 28, 1847.

The meaning and origin of these arms is not known. The arms were likely designed in the early 19th century and after the Belgian independence in 1830 confirmed as such. The mayor of the village send in 1818 only a seal with this composition to the Dutch College of Arms. When no colours were known, the arms were granted in the Dutch national colours.

The local council was granted in 1702 a seal by Marie-Gabrielle de Lalaing, baroness of Eine. The seal showed the arms of the Estate, described as red with a silver escutcheon. Why the council did not apply for these arms in the early 19th century is not known.

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Literature: Servais, 1955

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