Friedrich Wetter

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Born : February 20, 1928
Deceased :

Bishop of Speyer, 1968-1982
Archbishop of München-Freising, 1982-2007
Cardinal 1985

Arms of Friedrich Wetter

Bishop of Speyer
Arms of Friedrich Wetter


Official blazon

  • (bishop) Geviert von Blau und Gold; in 1 und 4 ein silbernes Kreuz; in 2 und 3 drei (2:1) rote Flarmnenzungen.
  • (archbishop) Geviert von Gold und Rot; in 1 und 4 der Freisinger Mohr; in 2 und 3 drei (2:1) goldene Flamnenzungen.


Both in Speyer as in München he quartered his personal arms with those of the (arch)diocese. His personal arms show three flames, the symbol of the Holy Ghost, and the number three refers to the holy Trinity. The colours are red for love and gold for the light of God. The colours were inverted in München due to the golden field of the arcdiocesal arms.

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