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Arms of Gemini Power Corporation

Official blazon

Arms : Per fess serpentine Vert and Or two beavers naiant that in chief contourné, all within a bordure engrailed counterchanged
Crest : A demi-thunderbird Vert beaked and rayonné Or
Supporters : Two Mishipeshuweg Or armed and embellished Vert standing on poplar and birch branches proper


The arms were officially granted on April 15, 2014.

Green indicates Gemini Power’s commitment to sustainable energy. The wavy horizontal line alludes to a wave and a dam, while the division line of the border indicates electrical energy. The beavers refer to previous generations of businesses in the family of Dr. Michael Dan, the founder of Gemini Power: Beaver Power, founded by Dr. Dan’s father, and Beaver Bus Lines, founded by Dr. Dan’s grandfather. The pair of them allude to the name Gemini, “the twins” of the Zodiac.

The thunderbird, a creature from First Nations folklore, represents electrical power as well as the partnerships Gemini Power undertakes with First Nations communities.

In Anishinaabe and other First Nations mythology, the Mishipeshu, or Mishibizhhiw, is a water-dwelling lynx- or panther-like creature complementary to the thunderbird. Here it indicates the potential power in bodies of water, and pays tribute to the traditions of the First Nations communities with which Gemini Power works. The branches refer to the local setting of Gemini’s projects, and the fact that aspen, poplar and birch are used by one of Gemini’s subsidiaries, Aspenware, to create compostable cutlery.

Motto This Anishinaabe motto means “Wisdom”.

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