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''' {{uc:{{PAGENAME}}}} '''
''' {{uc:{{PAGENAME}}}} '''
Born : April 13, 1961 in Kirchen, Germany<br>
Born : April 13, 1961<br>
Deceased :  
Deceased :  
Bishop of [[Diocese of Limburg|Limburg]], 2016-<br>
Bishop of [[Diocese of Limburg|Limburg]], 2016-present
[[File:limburg-bätzing.rel.png|center|300 px|Arms of {{PAGENAME}}]]
[[File:limburg-bätzing.rel.png|center|300 px|Arms of {{PAGENAME}}]]

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Born : April 13, 1961
Deceased :

Bishop of Limburg, 2016-present

Arms of Georg Bätzing

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