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State : Niedersachsen
District (Kreis) : Emsland (until 1977 Aschendorf-Hümmling)
Samtgemeinde : Samtgemeinde Sögel

Wappen von Hüven

Official blazon



The arms show on the left side an unusual mill, a combination of water- and windmill. The local watermill was built around 1800 and on top of that a windmill was constructed around 1850. The red bar in gold is the arms of the diocese of Münster, as the area belonged from 1394-1803 to the State of Münster.

The upper right corner shows a Stone Age grave, as many of those monolithic structures can be found in the municipality. It also indicates the longtime inhabitation of the area. The acorn symbolises the forests in the municipality as well as to the arms of the Samtgemeinde Sögel, in which the eight municipalities are represented by eight acorns.

The colours are also taken from the arms of the former districg of Aschendorf-Hümmling, to which the municipality belonged until 1977.

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