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Heraldic collector's items catalogue

Heraldic picture or collectors albums

Collector's albums became very popular at the end of the 19th century and many companies all over the world started to issue series of stamps or cards, which could be glued into special albums. Often the albums provided much more information on the topic, but initially the albums did not have much background texts. During the whole 20th century heraldic albums have been published.

During the years many different collector's albums were issued with heraldic themes. Some of these were huge, with more than 7000 individual images ! Others, such as the Coffee Hag series, were issued in many different countries. Especially in Germany these albums were very popular. In for example the UK loose cards were more popular.

Often the albums or the stamps were reprinted, which results in large numbers of variations in images, texts and albums.

For other collectable images, see the Heraldic trade cards and the Heraldic tobacco cards sections.

Albums by individual companies

Companies with multiple albums

Coffee Hag Company (Multinational)

Companies with three albums

Adbulla Cigarettes (Germany)

Garbaty Cigarettes (Germany)

Provincie Verzamelalbums

Companies with one or two albums

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