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<font size=5><center>'''Coats of arms of countries'''</center></font>
[[File:Switzerland.jam.jpg|300 px|center]]
==Series information==
*Series name : Arms of countries
*Issued by: James cigarette Co
*Date of issue : 1915
*Number of cards  : 20
*Image variants : -
James &amp; Co was a cigarette company based in Birmingham, UK. I have no further information on the company.
==Series information==
The cards issued have a similar design as used on the [[EFA Postcards]] and many [[Arms and Flags (Kraepelien)|Dutch trade card series]]. Those series also show the flags of the countries, the James' cards only the coat of arms. The other series also have 72 cards, this series only 20. Murray describes the cards as medium sized (80x52 mm), but the cards I know about are standard size (68x40 mm).
A modern reprint series has been published in a larger size.
<gallery perrow=0>
File:egypt.jam.jpg| [[Egypt]]
File:Switzerland.jam.jpg | [[Switzerland]]
File:usa.jam.jpg| [[USA]]
<gallery perrow=0>
File:egypt.jamb.jpg| [[Egypt]]
File:Switzerland.jamb.jpg | [[Switzerland]]
File:usa.jamb.jpg| [[USA]]
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[[Category:Tobacco cards]]
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[[Category:United Kingdom]]

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