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[[File:Switzerland.jam.jpg|300 px|center]]
==Series information==
*Series name : Arms of countries
*Issued by: Thomson & Porteous
*Date of issue : 1915
*Number of cards  : 20
*Image variants : -
James &amp; Co was a cigarette company based in Birmingham, UK. I have no further information on the company.
==Series information==
The cards issued have a similar design as used on the [[EFA Postcards]] and many [[Arms and Flags (Kraepelien)|Dutch trade card series]]. Those series also show the flags of the countries, the James' cards only the coat of arms. Murray describes the cards as medium sized (80x52 mm), but the cards I know about are standard size (68x40 mm).
<gallery perrow=0>
File:egypt.jam.jpg| [[Egypt]]
File:Switzerland.jam.jpg | [[Switzerland]]
File:usa.jam.jpg| [[USA]]
<gallery perrow=0>
File:egypt.jamb.jpg| [[Egypt]]
File:Switzerland.jamb.jpg | [[Switzerland]]
File:usa.jamb.jpg| [[USA]]
[[Category:Tobacco cards]]
[[Category:Tobacco cards]]
[[Category:United Kingdom]]
[[Category:United Kingdom]]

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