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Arms of KwaZulu Nurses' Association

Official blazon

  • (af)

Wapen: Gewelfd deursnede, groen en silwer, in die skildvoet 'n bruin Zoeloehut en in die skildhoof 'n uitkomende verkorte silwer kruis.
Helmteken: Twee sterlitziablomme met skuinsgekruiste stele, van natuurlike kleur, oortop met 'n bruin antieke lamp, rooi gevlam.
Wrong en Dekklede: Silwer en groen.

  • (en)

Arms: Per fess enarched Vert and Argent, in base a Zulu hut Brunatre, in chief a cross couped issuant Argent.
Crest: Two strelitzia flowers with slips in saltire, proper, ensigned of an antique lamp Brunatre, enflamed Gules.
Wreath and mantling: Argent and Vert.


The arms were officially granted on January 12, 1988.

The formal training of nurses in KwaZulu started in mission hospitals, represented by the partition per fess enarched, with a cross issuant, accompa­nied in base by a representation of a traditional Zulu home, a bee-hive shaped grass hut. The Stre­litzia reginae is the provincial flower of Natal, two of which have been incorporated into the crest, supporting a nurse's lamp.

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