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Born : April 12, 1949
Deceased :

Auxiliary Bishop of Detroit, 1999-2003
Bishop of Toledo, 2003–2013
Archbishop of Hartford, 2013–Present

Arms of Leonard Paul Blair

Auxiliary Bishop of Detroit
Arms of Leonard Paul Blair

Bishop of Toledo
Arms of Leonard Paul Blair

Bishop of Hartford

Official blazon


As common in US episcopal heraldry, the arms show the arms of the diocese impaled with the personal arms of the bishop.

The arms are based on the arms of the Archdiocese of Detroit, by using the gold field with the black cross and the silver stars. It is here that Bishop Blair has served God's People as a priest, pastor and seminary faculty member. At the top of the cross are two keys crossed with a sword in the classic representation of the fathers of The Church, Saints Peter and Paul and at the bottom of the cross is a fleur-de-lys, taken from the masthead of St. Paul's Parish in Grosse Pointe Farms, where His Excellency was serving when he was called to become a bishop, and which is often used as a Marian charge. The used of the Apostolic charges, the keys and the sword, and the Marian charge, the fleur-de-lys, are a graphic ways of representing that The Church, is and must be, both Apostolic and Marian if it is to come to what Christ intended.

The escutcheon refers to the Bishop's baptismal name of Leonard, is also used to honor Sacred Heart Seminary where Bishop Blair served on the faculty and as Dean of Students.

The motto "PASCE OVES MEAS" is taken from St. John's Gospel (John 21:15) is the recurrent phrase given by the Risen Christ to St. Peter as He charges the Apostle to lead His Church.

The achievement is completed with the heraldic insignia of a prelate of the rank of bishop by instruction of the Holy See, of March 1969, confirmed in March 2001.

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