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Confiserie Lonka : Coats of arms of Belgian municipalities


Series information :

  • Date of issue : ?
  • Number of cards : >1000
  • Image variants : ?


Lonka was founded in Breda (the Netherlands) in 1920, initially as Lonca, an abbreviation for London Caramel Works. In 1930 a new factory was opened in Essen (Belgium). In 1965 the Breda factory was closed and all production was moved to Essen, where the factory still operates. The headquarters are in the Netherlands, in Roosendaal, where a second factory was opened in 2002.

The company issued a large series (over 1000 according to the information on the back of the images) of Belgian municipal coats of arms. I have no idea when these were issued.


I have no idea how many cards were actually issued, but the numbers indicate more as 1000. As they are very rarely see, it is doubtful whether indeed more as 1000 were issued.

I know of the following :

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