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Born : October 6, 1862
Deceased : May 20, 1943

Bishop of Speyer, 1917-1943

Arms of Ludwig Sebastian

Official blazon

Zwei Schilde; rechts in Blau ein silbernes Kreuz; links in Rot ein goldenes Deckelgefäßumgeben von einer grünen Dornenkrone.


The bishop used two shields, which was fashion at the time; one with the arms of the diocese, the other with his personal arms. The personal arms show a thorn-wreath, probably referring to the French King Saint Louis, his patron saint, who is often depicted with such a crown. The vessel is a vessel used for the sacred oil used as one of the sacraments. The total combination also refers to the suffering of humanity during the First World War.


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Literature : Bleisteiner, 1986