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MACCLESFIELD (Rural District Council)

Incorporated into : 1974 Macclesfield (2009 Cheshire East)

Arms (crest) of Macclesfield RDC

Official blazon

Arms: Or a Stag rampant Sable holding between the fore-legs a Bugle-Horn Vert on a Chief of the last three Garbs Gold.
Crest: On a Wreath of the Colours a Cross crosslet fitchy Sable and two Bugle-Horns Or interlaced; Mantled Vert doubled Or.
Motto: 'MEMOR RURIS DISCIPLINÆ CUSTOS' - The mindful guardian of the rural way of life.


The arms were officially granted on April 12, 1955.

The main colours of gold and green may be taken as symbolising the agricultural wealth of the Rural District. The three sheaves are like those in the arms of the Cheshire County Council. They also refer to the Earldom of Chester, and to the family of Cholmondeley, so long connected with the Manor and Forest of Macclesfield.

The black Stag commemorates the Stanley family, and with the green hunting horn which it bears, also refers to the ancient Forest.

The black cross crosslet is taken from the arms of the Davenport family, with its long association with the district.
The two interlacing gold horns are a further reference to the Forest.

The initial letters of the motto, also preserve the intials of the Macclesfield Rural District Council.

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