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Хералдика Србије

MIONICA (Мионица)

District : Kolubara

Arms of Mionica

Official blazon


The division line of the chief reminds of the characteristic form of Serbian military cap. The mountain at the base is Ravna Gora (Flat Mountain), the 2nd World War stronghold of the general Drazha Mihailovich, executed after the Tito's Communist usurpation, and the crowned eagle reminds that he lead the Royal Army in the Fatherland resistance against Germans and Communists.The supporters are an officer and a infantryman of the Serbian Army from the World War II period.The banners are the flag of Serbia and of the city.

On the compartment there are the two main crops of the region, plums and strawberries. Plums are used to make plum brandy (slivowitz in English, šljivovica or just plain rakija in Serbian) which this region is renowned for.

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