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Region : Puglia
Province : Bari

Stemma di Molfetta

Official blazon

Di rosso, alla banda d’argento, caricata delle sigle: S.P.Q.M.


The arms were officially granted on March 26, 1935.

Molfetta used a red shield with a silver bend for many centuries, probably from the 16th century. In 1911 the letters SPQM were added to the arms. The letters mean Senatus PopulusQue Melphictensis (Senate and People of Molfetta).

The arms as shown below left were shown wrongly, both with regard to the colours as to the direction of the bend. The present colours and direction are according to historical sources.

Stemma di Molfetta

The arms in Stemmi delle principali città d'Italia. Milano (pre 1940)
Stemma di Molfetta

The arms in the 1990s

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