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Region : Sjælland
Amt (until 2007) : Storstrøm (until 1970 Præstø)
Additions : 1970 Fensmark-Rislev (partly), Fodby, Herlufsholm, Hyllinge, Karrebæk, Marvede, Rønnebæk, Vallensved, Vejlø-Vester Egesborg (partly); 2007 Fladså (1970 Everdrup, Hammer, Næstelsø-Mogenstrup, Sneser,eVejlø-Vester Egesborg (partly)), Fuglebjerg (1970 Førslev, Gunderslev, Haldagerlille, Hårslev, Krummerup, Kvislemark-Fyrendal, Ting Jellinge, Tystrup), Holmegaard (1970 Fensmark-Rislev (partly) Holme-Olstrup, Toksværd), Suså (1970 Aversi, Bavelse-Glumsø, Herlufmagle, Næsby-Tyvelse, Sandby-Vrangstrup, Skelby, Tybjerg)

Arms of Næstved

Official blazon


The arms are officially granted on April 16, 2007 and are nearly identical to the arms granted in 1938 (see below).

The two keys in the arms are known from the oldest seal of the city, which is known from 1280. The keys are the symbol of St. Peter and are most likely derived from the St. Peter monastery in the town, which was founded in 1135. The crown was added in the late 13th or early 14th century. The waves in the base symbolise the Suså river.

After the reformation, the keys were removed, being a Catholic symbol. The town then used arms with only the crown. In the 17th century, the arms showed three crowns. These arms were used until the early 20th century when the old arms were restored.

Seal of Næstved from 1421.
Seal of Næstved from 1519.
Seal of Næstved from 1622.
The arms as shown in the Kaffe Hag album from the 1930s.

The arms as shown on a cigarette card from 1926
The arms of 1938
Entering the municipality (2009)

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