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Arms of Negeri Sembilan

Official blazon


The arms were officially granted on ??.

The arms are largely canting. The name means 'Nine States' and refers to the old Confederation of nine states; Jelai (Inas), Jelebu, Johol, Kelang, Nanaing, Rembau, Segamat with Pasir Besar, Sungei Ujong and Ulu Pahan, which were united to the present State. The nine rice or padi stalks as well as the nine pointed star refer to this. The scroll also shows the name of the State in Jawi.

The colours refer to the former British rule (red), the nine rulers (black) and gold for the Paramount Ruler (Yang d-Pertuan Besar), the actual ruler of the State.

The crest shows the Malay trident (Changgai Putri), the symbol of the Paramount Ruler, between a sword and a scabbard, symbols for justice.

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Literature : National and State flags and crests of Malaysia, 1963