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Хералдика Србије

NIŠ (Ниш)

District : Nišava

Arms of Niš

Official blazon


The arms were granted in 1996.

The wavy bend symbolises the Nisava river. The fortress is the symbol of the city of Nis.
Above fortress is a two-headed eagle, the symbol of Serbia.
The right supporter is Stevan Sindjelic, famous general of serbian army. He and his soldiers have died in battle near Nis in 1809. He holds the flag of Serbia.
The left supporter is Constantine the Great, Roman emperor, who was born in Nis. He proclaimed Christianity as a state religion in Roman Empire. He holds the flag of the city of Nis.
The banner shows the name of Nis in Serbian Cyrililc letters (in the centre), "Nisos" in Greek language (on the right) and "Naissus" in Latin (on the left).

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