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<font size=5><center>'''Norway - Kongeriket Norge, Kongeriket Noreg'''</center></font>
<font size=5><center>'''Norway - Kongeriket Norge, Kongeriket Noreg'''</center></font>
[[File:Norway.jpg|300 px|center|National Arms of Norway]]
==National symbols==
|align="center"|[[File:Norway.jpg|200 px]]
*[[File:Norway.jpg|150 px|National Arms of Norway]][[National Arms of Norway]]
|align="center"|[[File:Norway-flag.gif|200 px]]
*[[File:Norway-flag.gif|150 px|border]]National Flag of Norway
|align="center"|The [[National Arms of Norway]]
|align="center"|The National Flag
==Administrative division==
==Administrative division==

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Norway - Kongeriket Norge, Kongeriket Noreg

National Arms of Norway

National symbols

Administrative division

Norway is divided into 19 administrative regions, called counties (fylker, singular: fylke), and 429 municipalities. The capital city Oslo is considered both a county and a municipality.

All counties and municipalities use arms.

Coats of arms of municipalities

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