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State : Victoria
Incorporated into : 1994 Glenelg

Arms (crest) of Portland

Official blazon


The arms were granted on September 26, 1984.

The ship symbolizes that the city is a port, refers to the tradition of the Henty brothers, and also links with Portland in England, which uses a ship on its seal. The sun is a symbol of plenty and energy, as well as alluding to the Australian summer weather. The rams' heads allude to the fat lamb and mutton produced locally, while the whale recalls Portland's long history as a whaling port. The red, white and blue colours of the shield reflect the colours of the national flag.

Gannets rather than the cliché kangaroos were selected as supporters, as they nest in thousands on St Lawrence Rocks in Portland Bay.

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Literature : Image and background provided by Denis Towner, based on information from Glenelg council.