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Département : Haute-Marne

Blason de Riaucourt

Official blason

  • (fr) D'azur à la double burelle potencée et contre-potencée d'or, accompagnée en chef d'une enclume du même accostée de deux maisons d'argent maçonnées de sable, et en pointe d'un pont à cinq arches d'argent, maçonné de sable, sur une rivière d'argent mouvant de la pointe.


The arms were officially adopted on October 22, 1983.

The anvil refers to the forge that the village possessed between 1612 and 1878 and which would have participated in the first experiments of mixture of charcoal and coal to obtain the extraction of the iron ore.

The two houses symbolize the Chapel of Mechineix and the dovecote of the town.

The bar is based on the arms of the Champagne region to which the village belongs.

The bridge is the one that crosses the Marne and the channel of the Marne to the Saone in the municipality.

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