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Blason de Saverne/Arms (crest) of Saverne

Country : France

Département : Bas-Rhin
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Official blazon
French D'or à la bande de sable chargée d'une licorne d'or, bondissant dans le sens de la bande accornée et onglée d'argent.
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The two oldest seals of the village of Saverne both date from the 14th century. The smaller seal shows the arms as shown above with the unicorn, the great seal shows a fortified town. Later rolls of arms also show initially two coats of arms, with a unicorn or with a town. Later only the above arms were shown as the arms of the town. The origin or meaning of the unicorn, however, are not known. The colours are known since the 18th century and were adopted in the 1940s by the local council. In some older sources the colours are shown rather differently, as shown below.

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Literature: Les armoiries des communes du Bas-Rhin. Tome I : Chefs-lieux de cantons. 1947;

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