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Province : West-Vlaanderen
Incorporated into : 1970 Brugge

Wapen van Sint-Michiels/Coat of arms (crest) of Sint-Michiels

Official blazon

Gedeeld rechts van zilver geschakeerd van twaalf stukken van sabel, wat is de heerlijkheid Tilleghem, en links van lazuur met drie wassenaars van goud, wat is Le Bailly de Tilleghem.


The arms were officially granted on July 31, 1936.

The arms are a combination of the checquered field of the Tillegem estate and the arms of the family Le Bailly de Tilleghem. The village was the main village in the historical estate of Tillegem, named after the castle with that name. During the centuries the (many) different Lords of Tillegem used a chequered field as the arms of the castle and estate. The number of fields, however, has varied from 5 to 25. The three crescents are derived from the family Le Bailly de Tilleghem, lords of the castle for nearly 200 years and who received the noble title of Baron in 1817 (no longer recognised).

Literature: Servais, 1955

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