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SWEDEN - Konungariket Sverige

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The National Arms of Sweden The National Flag Location

Administrative division

Sweden is divided into twenty-one counties (län). Each county further divides into a number of municipalities or kommuner, with a total of 290 municipalities at present. The municipalities are divided into a total of 2,512 parishes, or församlingar.

In the 1950s there were still nearly 2500 municipalities, but in 1952 and the early 1970s these have been reduces to the current 290.

There are older historical divisions, primarily the twenty-five provinces (landskap) and the hundreds of districts (härad), which still retain cultural significance. Most of the provinces overlap with the present counties, but not everywhere in the country.


All (historical) provinces and counties, as well as all municipalities use arms. Quite a number of former municipalities as well as"districts also used arms.

Only about 20% of the files have been transferred, so below the lists on the old and the new site !
In time all files will be transferred from the old site.

Arms of Municipalities and Villages

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Religious and Ecclesiastical heraldry

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