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Civic heraldry of South Africa


Incorporated into : 1994 Eastern Cape

Arms of Transkei

Official blazon


The arms were granted on September 25, 1970.

The green colour symbolises the many green hills of Transkei. The brown and silver are traditional colours used by the people of Transkei for paining the body.

The maize is the main staple food in the area, the wheel is a symbol for industry. The base shows a bull's head, symbol for animal husbandry, but also a symbol of wealth. The crest shows a maize basket, another symbol for the richness of the country. The supporters are two leopards, the Royal symbol of the South African peoples.

The motto IMBUMBA YAMANYAMA means Unity is strength.

Literature : The Star 20-06-1975; Brownell, FG: 1998: Symbols of Sovereignty of South Africa's former Independent and Self-Governing National States; Information from Mike Oettle