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[[File:tranpro1.jpg|center|Arms of {{PAGENAME}}]]
[[File:tranpro1.jpg|center|Arms of {{PAGENAME}}]]
====Official blazon====
===Official blazon===

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Incorporated into : 1910 Transvaal Province

Arms of Transvaal Colony

Official blazon


The Transvaal colony was created in 1902 when the British annexed the Zuid-Afrikaansche Republiek (ZAR). The new colony did not have its own arms, but on the new official seal the wagon and lion from the republican arms were added. The colony existed until 1910 when it became the province of Transvaal in the new South African Republic.

The new province was granted arms on 4 May 1911.

The arms showed in a green field a silver wagon. The wagon shown on these arms was the same as used on the seal from 1902. The wagon, however, was of a type never used by the Boers in the 1830s. This wagon also found its way in the later arms of the South African Republic and was never corrected.

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