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United Kingdom

United Kingdom.jpg Unitedkingdom-flag.gif File:Unitedkingdom-location.jpg
The National Arms of the United Kingdom The National Flag Location

Administrative division

The United Kingdom consists of 4 countries : England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Associated with the UK, but not constitutionally part of it, are three Crown Dependencies (Jersey, Guernsey, Isle of Man). The United Kingdom still has fourteen overseas territories.

The organisation of local government in England is complex. England has either county councils and district councils or unitary authorities, and London which consists of 32 London boroughs. Scotland is divided on a basis of 32 council areas, Wales consists of 22 unitary authorities, Northern Ireland has 26 district councils.

Most of all these councils use coats of arms.

Both in 1974 and in 1996 there have been large reforms in all parts of the United Kingdom, which has resulted in a large number of obsolete bodies, many of which used arms.

All these are listed below (when known).

Coats of arms of local government councils

The lists include councils in the whole United Kingdom.

Only a few files have been transferred so far, so below the lists on the old and the new site !
In time all files will be transferred from the old site.

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Arms per country

Other territories and dependencies

Other civic heraldry

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