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Incorporated into : 1974 East Dorset (2019 [{Dorset]])

Arms (crest) of Wimborne and Cranborne

Official blazon

Arms : Azure a Stag's Head caboshed between the attires a Cross flory Or on a Chief Argent a Fleur-de-Lys between two Saxon Crowns Gules.
Crest : Out of a Coronet composed of two Fleurs-de-Lys Or and as many Roses Gules barbed and seeded proper set alternately upon a Rim Gold a demi Lion Ermine ducally gorged also Gold and holding between the paws a Chapeau Gules turned up Ermine.
Motto: 'SERIO SERVIRE' - Earnestly to serve


The arms were officially granted on May 29, 1959.

The gold cross and blue fields are from the ancient arms of Wimborne Minster, derived from those assigned to Edward the Confessor, its founder. The stag's head represents the ancient Royal Chase of Cranborne. The Minster and Chase each exerted a large influence in the area.

The chief shows a fleur-de-lis derived from the arms of Dorset County, and the red Saxon crowns which encircle the necks of the Wessex dragons in the Dorset arms.

The crest is derived from symbols from the arms of four eminent local families. The ermine lion is that of the Cecils, Marquesses of Salisbury and Margraves Cranborne. The lion wears the gold crown and holds the cap of maintenance from the crest of the Ashley-Coopers, Earls of Shaftesbury, of Wimborne St. Giles. The crown from which the lion emerges is composed of two fleur-de-lis taken from the arms of the Bankes family of Kingston Lacy, while the two red roses are from the Sturts, Earls Arlington of Crichel.

The arms are continued by the East Dorset council.

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