136th Military Police Battalion, Texas Army National Guard

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Arms of 136th Military Police Battalion, Texas Army National Guard

(Coat of Arms)
Arms of 136th Military Police Battalion, Texas Army National Guard

(Distinctive Unit Insignia)

Official blazon

Shield: Sable , a fesse enhanced and embattled Or, overall a magnifying glass palewise rim Argent (silver grey),the glass surmounting and enlarging the middle crenel between two merlons, the handle Gules edged of the second bearing a mullet Argent.
Crest: That for regiments and separate battalions of the Texas Army National Guard: From a wreath Or and Sable a mullet Argent encircled by a garland of live oak and olive Proper.
Motto: Service, safety, security.

Distinctive Unit Insignia. Description: A gold color metal and enamel hexagonal device 1 1/8 inches (2.86 cm) in height overall consisting of a vertical gold rimmed magnifying glass with a red handle bearing at its middle section a white star, the glass in front of and enlarging the middle segment of a horizontal gold embattled line with two merlons all on a black background and encircled by a continuous green scroll divided into three segments inscribed “SERVICE, SAFETY, SECURITY” in gold letters.


The Coat of Arms symbolises the Mission of the Battalion - criminal investigation. The Star denote Texas the Home of the Battalion.

The Coat of Arms was approved on 3 April 2006. The Distinctive Unit Insignia was originally approved on 9 July 1971. It was rescinded on 21 March 1975. The insignia was reinstated with description updated on 3 April 2006.

Literature: The Institute of Heraldry, US Army.