16th Engineer Battalion, US Army

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Arms of 16th Engineer Battalion, US Army

Arms of 16th Engineer Battalion, US Army

(Distinctive Unit Insignia)

Official blazon

Shield:Per chevron reversed Argent and Gules, on a bar in base Sable fimbriated of the first a cat-a-mountain salient guardant of the third, armed langued and lined of the second, in sinister chief a mullet voided and fretted Vert.
Crest: From a wreath Argent and Gules from two palm branches saltirewise Proper issuing a semi-scimitar palewise of the first gripped of the second and enfiled by a cogwheel Or.
Motto: Semper ultimo = Always to the top.


Red and White are the Colours of the Corps of Engineers. The Bar symbolises a treadway bridge, the construction of which was a major combat mission of the organization. The Cat-a-Mountain, a European Wildcat. indicates the steakth and swiftness required in combat engineer operations. The Soldiers of the Battalion is also called "Catamounts". The Star from the Flag of French Morocco, respresent service in that Area during World War II. The inverted chevron symbolises the battalion's spearheading of armoured engineer activity in World War II. The six theeth of the Cogwheel symbolises the unit's campaign service during World War II, the wheel itself indicates engineering. The scimitar honors the battalion's Valorous Unit award for "Iraq-Kuwait", and the crossed plams highlight the unit's Southwest Asia campaigns.

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