2nd Engineer Battalion, US Army

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Arms of 2nd Engineer Battalion, US Army

Arms of 2nd Engineer Battalion, US Army

(Distinctive Unit Insignia)

Official blazon

Shield:Gules on and augmented pale Argent an anchor debruised by two oars in saltire Sable.
Crest:On a Wreath of the colors (Argent and Gules) a five bastioned fort Gules fimbriated Argent.
Motto: Ardeur et tenacite = Eagerness and Tenancy


The Battalion dates from August 1861 when Companies "C" and "D" of the Battalion of Engineers was organized. The Anchor and Oars of the Engineers and Pontoniers of the Army of Potomac indicates the Civil War Service of these two Companies. Which in 1901 was enlarged to four companies and designated 2nd Battalion of Engineers, which in 1916 was enlarged to become the 2nd Regiment of Engineers. Which was cited by the French Gornment for actions in World War I. The Motto alludes to the Second of these Citations for actions at Blanc Mont and Medead Farm October 2-8, 1918. The Crest is the Badge of the Fifth Corps during the Spanish-American War, and symbolises service in Cuba with this Corps.

The Coat of Arms was originally approved for the 2nd Engineer Regiment on 7 June 1924. It was redesignated for the 2nd Engineer Battalion (Combat) on 26 February 1940, and for the 2nd Engineer Combat Battalion on 8 January 1954. The Insignia was redesignated for the 2nd Engineer Battalion on 15 July 1958.

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